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Elaine Owens, Director/Owner
Family History:

Hi, I am one of your child’s teachers at Little Blessings Childcare. I am happily married to a wonderful man that spent twenty-two years in the army and is now retired teaching soldiers tactical computer systems at Ft. Hood, Texas. I have raised four children, two boys and two girls, and I now have six grandchildren ranging from the ages of nineteen months through thirteen years old.  

Work Experience:

During the time I was raising my own children, I spent a total of eight years working in public schools as an assistant to teachers in an elementary school, and later I worked as a Special Education Tutor. I have tutored children from elementary through high school during the school’s vacation times. My recent work experience, of three years, has been spent in the childcare business. My first job was at a childcare center as a teacher in a classroom of three and four year olds and I substituted for all the ages in the other classes, as needed. On my last job, I worked in a home-based licensed childcare facility where I spent my time teaching and caring for ages ranging from infants through pre-Kindergarten children. 


I graduated from high school in 1976, our country’s birthday, and I am now finishing up classes for my Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. I have also completed my training for Child Development Associate (CDA) credential, which qualifies me as a director for childcare facilities. This has given me the education I need to teach and nurture infants through pre-kindergarten children the necessary life skills they will need as they grow. 

Volunteer Work:

I have volunteered to teach pre-kindergarten children at churches for Children’s Church and I have also taught Vacation Bible School for the same range of ages.

Childcare Provider:

Presently, I now own my own childcare home-based business. I have spent my life helping children of all ages and I love it. Children hold a special place in my heart and I can’t see myself doing anything else. I am looking forward to taking special care of your child while you leave your precious one in our hands. 

Katie Williams, Caregiver/Owner
​Family History:

Hi, my name is Katie Williams and I am one of your child’s teachers at Little Blessings Childcare. I am originally from California, which is where I met my husband in 2004. After we got married we moved to Texas to start our new life together. My husband decided to join the military in 2006 and was stationed in Hawaii. We met a lot of great people; Hawaii was very exciting. In 2008 my husband became injured and received a medical discharge from the military. At that point I wanted to be closer to some of my family members so we moved to Seattle, Washington. Once there, I took a job working at a Washington State agency, until April of 2010 when I had decided that I would partner with my Mother-in-Law to open up a Christian Day Care, here in Round Rock, Texas. I have also been blessed with a beautiful daughter in February of 2011.

Work Experience:

I started out working when I was 16 in my Fathers business; it was called Ovals and More Scrapbook Cutter. He originally invented a cutter for scrapbooking when I was about 14 in our garage at home and he still owns and operates this business today. When I was not working at our church, I spent my free time working evenings and weekends at my dad’s company, doing various administration and store management duties.  
After I finished high school in June of 2000 I held several different jobs, ranging from store clerk at a Christian book store to an executive assistant for both an electrical company and a state agency. While I have really enjoyed working as an executive assistant, in a professional environment for the last few years, I have really been looking forward to returning to the child care industry. 


I grew up in a denominational church where I have always helped out year after year running both the day care and pre-school for the church. I was also a teacher’s aide for two years in high school for 1st grade students.


I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management. I am also currently working on my CDA License, which I should have shortly.