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Daily Schedule
        Little Blessings Childcare is a Licensed Daycare
At Little Blessings Childcare we believe every child is an individual who has his and her own rate of physical development and pace of learning with this thought in mind, each child is accepted, loved, and nurtured. We encourage and build each child’s imagination and creativity, and at the same time we instill a greater sense of self-worth and encourage self-confidence. The staff will provide activities in an environment that will nurture the child’s self-esteem. Above all else, we will help the child gain and keep a positive self-image.

Every child is guided through the day with positive re-enforcement in all activities, always encouraged to try or try again, and is never pressured into participation of any activity. Our goal at Little Blessings Childcare is to care for children and guide them in a safe environment so they can grow to the best of their abilities in the area of: physical, cognitive, spiritual, social, and emotional development. 

Little Blessings Childcare is a Christian daycare and we teach children about Jesus and many other famous Bible heroes. We have circle time with the children where we read age appropriate Bible stories, we pray over meals, and for anyone that is not feeling well. We also teach them good morals like being kind, having manners, and being respectful to one another, and we sing Bible songs.
7:00 - Free play in centers
7:30 - Hand and face washing and breakfast time
8:00 - Wash up, diaper/potty, free play in centers
8:30 - Songs, instruments, and Bible story
8:45 - Color Bible pictures
9:00 - Outside activities or rainy day activities
9:15 - Hand and face washing and snack time
9:45 - Clean up, diaper/potty, free play centers
10:00 - Activities from centers based on weekly theme
10:30 - Free play in centers
11:00 - Clean up and eat lunch
11:30 - Wash up, diaper/potty, lay on mats, watch Vege tales
12:00 - Read book and play music while children fall asleep for naptime
2:15 - Children wake-up and eat snack
2:30 - Clean up, diaper/potty, free play in centers
​3:00 - Children play outside
3:30 - Art Center: Easel, finger painting, scissors/paper, play dough, etc.
4:00 - Story time 
4:15 - Dancing, singing, and instrument playing
​4:30 - Clean up, snack time
4:45 - Clean up, diaper/potty, free play in centers
5:30 - Going home
Monday - Friday 

7:00 - 6:00

We offer full-time openings
(Call to check if available)

We also have a (10%) sibling discount

We enroll ages 6 weeks - 5 years old
ABC Mouse lesson plans and worksheets

Free play centers 

Circle time 

Music time 

Arts and crafts 

Outdoor play 


Birthday parties 

Potty training 
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